Business Models

At Vanyil, we consistently strategize and offer solutions to our clients, and have designed multiple models of staffing to address an organization’s hiring needs.

Read on to understand how we categorize and explain the various business models we offer.



This is the most effective model to augment your existing talent pool for a limited period of time to execute your projects. It gives our customers a just-in-time resource to ensure that projects are delivered within time and budgets.

We begin by understanding requirements and expectations from our clients and specifically the hiring managers. Soon after, we develop a sourcing strategy based on time-to-hire constraints and then begin sourcing, screening, interviewing to project on-boarding. We continuously engage with the hiring managers and candidates across the recruitment process and fine tune approaches as necessary to bring on the right talent.
With a fairly large pipeline of candidate database, Vanyil reduces the lead time for on-boarding the right talent. Our services stand apart as talent can be tapped into and deployed at very short notice, which considerably reduces the lead time for on-boarding the right talent.

We will then provide a dedicated single point-of-contact to manage the client and contracted staff relationships to ensure smooth working for both the client and the candidate.

Vanyil has been able to successfully and consistently deliver the right resource within the right time frame for specific project needs.



This model is a hybrid of temporary and direct hire. Contract-to-hire is a way for clients and talent to test the waters. It allows potential employees to prove themselves to the company and see if the culture is a good fit. Likewise, it allows the client to test the candidate for a predetermined period of time. During the contract period, the talent is employed by Vanyil.

The resourcing strategy is similar to the contracting model, however, we also pre-screen candidates who are interested in a long term association with our clients. We also make sure that their expectations are in line with what our clients are looking for when they hire full time employees.

There is continuous engagement from Vanyil with the candidate and our clients during the hiring process and after on-boarding to ensure expectations are being met from both sides and this relationship is a right fit.


Full-time placement

Our seasoned principals will engage with you to define the ideal candidate best suited to your needs and corporate environment. Based on your specifications, we develop a success profile of an ideal candidate who will not only be successful, but thrive in your environment.

The developed success profile guides our search strategy and extensive search for prospective candidates using a wide variety of approaches from mining our databases, tapping into our networks and looking at your competition to find the most effective pool of potential candidates. We then qualify candidates through our extensive vetting process which includes: review of their education, technical expertise, industry certifications, functional experience, performance evaluations, and references. Most importantly, we try to evaluate the motivation for our candidates to consider this role beyond compensation.

We continuously engage with the hiring managers and Human Resources across the recruitment process and fine tune approaches as necessary to bring on the right talent.